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Cecile Ferrill (Davidson (MHS '67))

Cecile Ferrill (Davidson (MHS '67))

Cecile Ferrill Davidson

December 29, 1949 - January 15, 2024

Cecile passed away this morning, January 15, 2024 after battling cancer for more than two years.

There will be a Memorial for Cecile this Spring.

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01/15/24 04:11 PM #1    

Stan Stebing

I have known Cecile since high school. She would let me ride her horses with Bruce Lindgren. Whenever I would see her at reunions or picnics she would always give me a big hug. I will miss seeing her but I am happy that she is no longer in pain and suffering. Jack has been so strong and a great caregiver to Cecile. I am thankful that after her physical death her spirit was taken by angels to the God that gave her life.

01/16/24 08:38 AM #2    

Ginger Jay (Williams)

This is a shock but I did not know she was sick rest in peace  and so sorry for her family losing her so young. 

01/16/24 10:09 AM #3    

Michael Clemans

I have to believe that a little piece of Cecile's heart will remain with all of us that ever met Cecile.  For me, she will forever be in my heart.  And Jack, old friend, you are an amazing man and husband.  There is no way I can imagine the strength of your love and charactor.  While I was celebrating my birthday, God was embrassing another Angel.  You got a good one with Cecile Lord.  With love in my heart, all I can think of is...Welcome Home Cecile.  Now it is time for you to wrap your arms around a never ending Reward,

01/16/24 09:44 PM #4    

Jack Davidson

Mike, thank you for those kind words.

01/17/24 09:15 AM #5    

Teri Williams

Probably most of us remember Cecile as ALWAYS together with Jack in the halls of MHS. Now, almost 60 years later still together to the end. What a testimony of young love, commitment and togetherness. Many of us singles are probably envious in a healthy way. I'm sure Jack was a devoted care taker. Rest in peace dear girl. A race well run.

01/17/24 11:07 AM #6    

Gregory Hobbs

I was truly sorry to hear of her demise. I knew Cecile just from around school, but not much beyond that.

I knew Jack and his brother but again we never reallly socialized outside of class.

I have been battling cancer for almost 2 years myself. Such a diagnosis will change your perspective on life and the truly important things become crystal clear.

I hope she did not suffer. I would imagine that Jack is the person who is suffering from such a loss. My wife and I have been together for 48 years and I cannot imagine life without her or comprehend such a loss.

I hope he can find comfort in knowing that nothing truly dies. It is not possible to destroy matter. It can change form, such as water to ice or a vapor, but the essence of that matter never dies. The essence of matter is eternal, it just changes form.

I wanted to express my condolences and I hope that Jack will find some comfort from family and friends.

May your God be merciful and shine his Light upon you.


01/17/24 01:47 PM #7    

Judy Harris (Rainbolt)

Oh, Jack, I'm so sorry to hear this! You two seemed to have such a wonderful partnership and cared so much for each other. It was always my pleasure to see and visit with you guys at the class functions. Cecile always wore her smile. Sending you love and hugs. Your friend, Judy xoxo

01/19/24 03:46 PM #8    

Rick Larson (MHS '67)

My sympathy goes out to Jack and his family of Cec's passing. I did not know Cec, but I do remember Cec would attend some of the 1966 spring Track meets watching Jack win! Jack was our top sprinter, and I was trying to take his spot as the top sprinter. I failed, but Cec was so very supportive of Jack. Just like those Track meets, Jack, Cec is still watching over you!

01/25/24 03:20 AM #9    

Kevin Cloud Brechner

Dear Jack,

My deepest condolences to you and your family.  I knew Cec had been battling cancer.  I am so sorry it finally took her out.  We moved to 15908 68th West in the early 1950s when Meadowdale was still country, and all the roads between us and two miles to Highway 99 were gravel and had no street lights.  68th West by the Ferrill's acreage was fun to drive because it undulated up and down like a roller coaster.  Except for the elderly Tague couple in their 90s next door, the Ferrills were our closest neighbors to the south, and the only other residence between our houses and the Meadowdale Community Club a quarter mile away. There were very few kids in the area, and she was the only girl near my age in the neighborhood, until Billie Alguard's family moved in in the 1960s.  I used to ride around in Steve Ferrill's homemade motor vehicles.  My dad sold his 1938 LaSalle to Mr. Ferrill's auto wrecking yard.  The first night after the sale it was parked in front of the wrecking yard on Highway 99, and someone stole the transmission out of it.  Mr. Ferrill told us they were a favored transmission for drag racers of that era.  Cec was always generous letting me ride their horse Ned.  Ned bucked me off once in a rush to get back to the barn. Cec was always one class behind me from elementary school until we graduated from MHS.  She was one of my oldest friends.  I was so happy when she hooked up with you.  It seemed like a great match and time has shown that it was. Cec was always very active in school activities and that continued after graduation in the Class of '67 website group. My deepest sympathy for your loss.  Grief is the price we pay for love, and I am sure your grief must be deep.  You had a good one, Jack.  We have all lost a great friend.  May she rest in peace.

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